Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., 
Kappa Rho Zeta Chapter - Highland Park ~ Metro Detroit 

Thank you for your commitment to helping #HPgogreen! Learn more about ways to go green by using the resources linked below.

As you #gogreen be sure to use the hashtags #hpgoesgreen #cleanenergy #energyefficiency #equity #buildingdecarbonization #utilityjustice #energyjustice

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·         Indoor air pollution- https://youtu.be/6SmQ8rTjSUQ

·         Gas stoves- https://youtu.be/P8pbZlqyXJ4

·         Induction cooking versus Gas- https://youtu.be/fwwhtsdbKFc

·         Induction cooking verses Electric- https://youtu.be/V2LnHS_Nj5E

·         Building Decarbonization- Building Decarbonization Is Essential: Here's How It Works - Elevate

·         Gas Stoves: Health and Air Quality Impacts and Solutions - RMI

·         https://youtu.be/uZjwIvOzNEA-Energy Efficiency 

·         Home energy audit consists of-https://youtu.be/elte2DFumdo

·         https://youtu.be/R6fVlR3RZdk-How to do a Energy audit 

·         Weatherization- https://youtu.be/ahViPV7RYuc

·         Kids and Indoor air quality- https://youtu.be/b_o5lLXTbc4

·         Indoor air quality explain- https://youtu.be/JZn8_XlMG8g

·         What is Building Decarbonization?  |  Elevate Quick Takes

·         Redlining and climate change -https://youtu.be/_dGCs5pVAzY

·         Why we need to plant trees- https://youtu.be/KUBUEyDbLNQ

·         How systematic racism-U.S. eco systems- https://youtu.be/_KfklILeNZg

·         The race -redlining and climate change- https://youtu.be/_Ej6GjmlYoo

·         What is Redlining- https://youtu.be/nzQyKwsVWME